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REALTORS: Dealing With Different Generations of Buyers

To recognize noticeable shifts in the real estate market, whether helping their clients buy a home or sell a home, Realtors need to continually stay abreast of changing real estate trends to know more about their clients’ changing wants and needs.

Dealing with generations of homebuyers

For most of “The Greatest Generation” or “baby boomers, the idea and importance of home ownership was drilled into their heads from a very young age and represented one of the cornerstones of the American Dream. However, the purchasing power of millennials alone constitutes a sea change in the market.

With both generations now effectively vying for the same Memphis homes for sale available on the market at any given time.

The Difference Between “Hipsters” and “Millennials”

Hipsters are often portrayed in film, television, and other media outlets as a feckless group of beard-growing, kombucha-drinking guys dressed for irony while populating your coffee shop with their laptops.

Millennials are simply a group where their only qualification for the age group distinction is their birth year. You can be a rich “hipster” and a “successful millennial.” The lines are truly blurred.

Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

The Rise in Millenial Purchasing Power

For many Realtors, appealing to very disparent age groups competing for the same property is going to present myriad challenges in the future.

While boomers may be looking to downgrade their existing homes now that their children are fully-grown, looking for more walkable neighborhoods now that driving has become more of a chore, millennials are seeking these same $300,000 homes.

Baby Boomer buying a home
Baby Boomer buying a home

Millennials are often traveling for work more than their potentially retired elders. Consequently they, like boomers, are looking for lower maintenance properties. Many boomers no longer wish to mow the lawn of their McMansions and both groups love technology for different reasons.

Many boomers are finding “smart homes” truly make their lives easier, while millennials have grown up with constant technological innovation and can’t see “going backwards.” They are always looking for the newest tech trends and may be more tech savvy than some agents.

A More Informed Buyer

Home and Garden Television (HGTV) and other television channels devoted to the home are, by default, leading to a more educated group of buyers, regardless of their generation. Older buyers quite simply watch more television, especially when retired.

 The popularity and growth of House Hunters International and its other properties, while fun to watch, have also informed viewers in a near-unprecedented manner.

Younger buyers are likely considerably more informed about the cost of renovations and even whether they might to take on the challenge of such work themselves.

A False Sense of Security

Although many that feel “more educated” about the real estate transaction, for many home buyers and sellers, they feel that they know more than they really do. This can cause people to direct their Realtor (based off of television information) to do the wrong thing.

It is an agents job to direct the client, that can become harder when the client believes they know as much as the professional. Realtors go through a ton of education and most successful Realtors are a party to many real estate transactions per year.

The Impact of Social Media and the Internet on Realtors

People are working longer hours, while also driving the growth of social media and other sites. Going out to lunch might involve a salad for a younger buyer and an opportunity to look at Instagram and other social media platforms to discuss properties or to visualize for room improvements.

They don’t want to “waste” a day of work being shown dozens of properties that they have already had a virtual walkthrough of recently. Additionally, on the other side of this coin, is the importance for Realtors to have a strong online presence of their own, especially on Facebook and Instagram.

The traditional walk-throughs are being replaced by a new generation of Realtors who will be asked about “up and coming neighborhoods” as well as neighborhoods which will see home values rising in the short and long term.

Never Forget the Importance of Interest Rates

The expectation that interest rates will continue to trend upwards presents a new set of challenges and objections to Realtors. Know the name of the Chairman/Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve and learn how to use their comments to your advantage.  

It’s always helpful to have a basic understanding of economics, which gives a great deal of insight into future markets and how things can change. As they say, “the only constant is change”, so stay on top of your knowledge and try to be as comprehensive as you can in this ever-evolving real estate market.  

For more information about real estate, to buy or sell a home, waterfront properties or for general real estate questions, contact your local trusted Realtor today.

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How Do Real Estate Agents Get Paid

How Do Real Estate Agents Get Paid

Many people get a real estate license because of the potential income in the real estate industry. How are real estate agents paid for their work? Here’s how real estate agents are paid.

How real estate agents are paid

Most real estate agents are paid commissions based on the sale price of a property. Real estate commissions can be negotiable. They range from 1% to 10%. We will use the 5% commission rate as an example for our purposes. For a property worth $250,000, the $12,500 5% commission will be paid at closing. This does not mean the agent will walk away with $12,500. A predetermined percentage of the commission will be paid to the broker of record.

The commission split

The commission split is the most common payment arrangement between a broker or agent. This the number can also be different depending on if the the property being sold is residential or commercial real estate. The percentage of commission paid to the broker is determined by the terms under which the agent was granted the license. If the traditional 50/50 split is used, each agent will be paid a $6,250 commission at the closing of escrow for the one property.

The promise of success is immense for a real estate agent who has a loyal client base.

If the above example is used and assumes that only one property is sold per month, a real agent can expect to make $75,000 annually. The potential income for a real estate agent who is committed and well-informed about the market where he or she works is much higher than commissions from a single closing per month. This is a significant increase in your income when you consider commissions this large. Your annual income could increase by as little as two closings per calendar month.

broker commission

How real estate brokers make their money

The commissions are even more straightforward for you as a real estate broker. You will receive your share of the commission split if you hold the real property license for all agents. If five agents work out of your office, and each agent closes one deal per month then you will make $31,250 per month as their broker.

Becoming a real estate agent or broker

There is tremendous potential to generate income, regardless of whether you are an agent and/or broker. Your willingness to work hard is the only limit.

Agents with extensive knowledge and experience in the real estate market can make a huge income. An agent who wished to become a broker needs to decide whether they will open their own brokerage or become a franchise of a larger brand. It is important then to know how to buy a real estate franchise. A network of knowledgeable and experienced agents can make you a successful broker.

Working with real estate investors

One way that many agents and brokers have found success is to work with real estate investors. Commercial investors, in particular, can bring in tens of thousands of dollars (or more) each year. That’s because they tend to deal with larger properties that cost many times the price of an average home. Plus, with these types of investments, there is usually more volume. That’s because these investors aren’t just buying a home to live in. They are buying properties to make a living. This makes them great partners for a real estate agent, who knows the commercial real estate market.

In conclusion

Regardless of which route an agent chooses, there are many ways to earn a good living while practicing real estate.

Types of Real Estate Investments – What is Right for Me?

Real Estate

There are many different kinds of real estate investment, but most fall neatly into two broad categories: The first category is residential real estate investment, such as housing property and residential real estate loans. The first mostly deals with single family homes and knowing the right time to sell and buy homes. The second category is commercial real estate investment, which includes office buildings, apartment complexes, retail properties, warehouses, shopping centers and the like.

real estate

However, there is a third category of real estate investment, called “orphan” real estate investment, because the vast majority of it is not involved in buying and selling physical property. These are the type of deals that can still be considered residential real estate investment depending on where they are made.

All the Information You Need

Physical properties and paper properties

These types of transactions, in turn, are grouped into two basic categories. These include “physical” properties and “paper” properties. A physical real estate investment is one in which the investor actually owns the property, while a paper investment is one in which the value of the property is based on some abstract value obtained from a contract or agreement between the buyer and the seller.

Residential properties

Residential real estate investors usually make an effort to get the best deal they can when purchasing residential properties. Buying a home is a big commitment, after all. Hence, investors who are looking for a piece of the action usually go for larger parcels of land with attractive features like schools, shopping centers and amenities like a nearby airport.

In fact, many investors are willing to put up large sums of money to buy residential properties in upscale areas simply because these properties will always have a good value no matter what. Some of the more common types of residential real estate investors include first-time buyers, retired military personnel and people with stable financial histories.

Commercial properties

Real estate investors dealing with commercial property have the advantage of purchasing and managing multiple properties. This gives them greater flexibility as far as making investments go. However, the commercial property also has its drawbacks.

One of the worst things you can do when investing in commercial property is to rent out your rental units. This is because it can be hard to recover money from tenants, and you won’t make much money if you don’t have a steady stream of them paying you rent.

Off-market properties

Many real estate investors focus their efforts on off-market properties. Off-market properties are those that are not being managed by a professional real estate agent. Sometimes these properties may have been abandoned by owners but are still standing.

Because they’re not managed, off-market properties are often less expensive. They make good investments for someone who has enough money to cover the initial costs of buying and then trying to maintain the property.

Off-market properties

To Sum Up

As you can see, there are many types of real estate investments that you can make. If you like to make a lot of money by buying and selling quickly, then you may want to consider becoming a real estate investor. However, you must be patient and make the right investment decisions. Those who do not, can wind up loosing money on a deal.

On the other hand, if you like to have more time to manage your investments and keep an eye on the market, then you may want to consider investing in residential properties. Whatever you decide, there are always options out there that will suit your investing style.

How to Make Smart Real Estate Investment Choices

Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment includes the acquisition, possession, control, improvement, rental or sale of real estate as consideration for gain. In simple terms, it is the buying and selling of commercial, residential, industrial and other real estate properties. The real estate market in the United States is highly leveraged and speculative in nature.

Real estate investment is an avenue through which borrowers can obtain ready cash for their investments in a short amount of time. Real estate investment generally involves the purchase of property in an underdeveloped or distressed condition with the objective of making money.

Acquire Knowledge About the Industry

Real estate investors have several things they need to keep in mind. One of these is that the investor should have a deep knowledge of the industry. Real estate investors deal in several types of investment properties.

Real estate agents

During these transactions, the investor will (usually) have to deal with two different real estate agents. The listing agent represents the seller of the property. The buyer’s agent is the realtor that the investor would hire to assist in the purchase of the property. It’s also important to understand how real estate agents get paid in order to make the right financial decisions when it comes to who the investor hires.

Types of properties

These include single-family homes, condos, commercial and office buildings, farms, ranches, vacant land, tax foreclosures, bank owned foreclosures, government foreclosures and many more. The basic thing that the investor needs to understand is the business of a property management company.

Hire a Property Management Company

There are various reasons why a real estate investor needs to hire a property management company. One of the major reasons to hire a property management company is that the properties held by this professional property management company are always in good condition.

Real Estate Investment

Learn to Make the Right Investment

Another very important thing that investors need to understand is that they should always try to buy reasonably priced properties. An investor should never purchase properties that are priced much higher than their worth.

Real estate investment is one of the most lucrative options in today’s market. Real estate is such a huge industry that it offers a wide variety of investment opportunities. The key to becoming successful in this industry is to find a good real estate investment company that can provide you with a good investment opportunity.

Different ways to invest

You can find numerous ways on how you can make your investments successful. One of these ways is by purchasing residential properties, commercial properties or a piece of vacant land. You can also find several ways on how you can make your real estate investments fruitful by buying low-priced and low-risk properties. You can also find a discount realtor, who can list your property at 1%.

Become a Property Investor

For those investors looking for ways to make their investments successful can do so by becoming a property investor. Property investors are those who purchase properties, either in an active mode or a passive mode.

In active real estate investing, as the name suggests, these people buy properties for the purpose of reselling them. On the other hand, the passive mode is when these investors do not occupy the property directly.

These investments come with risk because, during property selling, there is always a possibility that the property’s price could go down. This is why property investors should always rent out their properties.

Cap Rate

There are a lot of investors who rely solely on the cap rate when investing. One of the advantages of a cap rate compared to other types of investments is that the interest rate of this type of loan is relatively low compared to other loans.

Many real estate investors now offer a cap rate mortgage, which is essentially a mortgage from the cap rate loan provider with a fixed interest rate. As you can see, real estate investors now have a wide array of choices when it comes to lending.